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Unless otherwise noted, J2 Engineering holds the copyright on all materials published by the association, whether in print or electronic form. In certain cases the work remains the intellectual property of the individual author(s). These are noted where appropriate. In general, permission to copy or disseminate J2 Engineering materials, either print or electronic, is granted if the following conditions are met:

To disseminate otherwise, or to republish, requires written permission. For such cases, please contact J2 Engineering.

Privacy Statements

Privacy of your information

We operate a policy of disclosing to you, on written request, what customer information we have gathered, how we use it and give you the opportunity to review and correct any information we may hold. J2 Engineering obeys the Data Protection Act, which places us under obligations of confidentiality to you.

What we gather and hold about you

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Many web sites use cookies and they are perfectly safe. They enable us to provide personalized features and user accounts/logins. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser to prevent this. However, if you do, you will find yourself unable to use some parts of this website. Cookies are incapable of exposing any data or part of your computer.


Email addresses may be required in order to register for some features. We will not pass on your email address to any third party without your permission. We may in the future send you email to provide information and keep you up to date with developments on our website. You can change your email address at any time by contacting J2 Engineering.

Which third parties may see information about you?

We will not disclose your name, address, email address, or any data that could identify you to any third party without first receiving your permission unless we are required to disclose this information by law or as a result of any other regulatory requirement.


If you want more information or have any questions or comments relating to our privacy policy please contact us.